Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Obama's Speech at the DNC. Hell, politics in general.

So, I'm a bit late to the party ranting about this, I realize. Unfortunately, I have a life, and a job, and all that good stuff.

Anyways. I don't know if it's just me, but does anybody else notice (Well, I'm actually pretty sure that all of you do. I'm just in the mood to rant about this right now) that politicians, in their speeches, in their commercials, in everything that they try to use to get them selves elected/relected, they spend about 45% of the time appealing to emotion (Obama with his "I WANT YOU FIRED UP AGAIN!" Seriously, the dude was sounding like fucking Hitler a few times in there. I expected him to start pounding the podium and raising his hands and stuff. ), another 45% of the time bashing their opponents (Okay, maybe it's only really Obama who does this. Most politicians spend about 90% of the time bashing their opponents. It's just the good orators like Obama and Hitler [Oh shit I'm gonna get so bashed for comparing Obama to Hitler. ] who can actually spend the 45% getting everybody riled up. Hell, I'll even admit I felt myself getting riled up listening to Obama's speech. Good thing my brain was there to remind me he's just spouting bullshit, like every mainstream politician out there.), and spend only about 5% of their time talking about what they want to do if given the power of election to help their town/district/county/state/country? And, of course, as we all know, they usually only do about 0% of what they talk about doing.

It seems that most politicians are reactionary. Not in the political sense of the term, but in the... I don't know what sense of the term. Basically, politicians only ever react to what's happening in the political world. For example, Obama went and did this speech because Democratic voter enthusiasm has been dropping lately. He could have gone and done a speech like this sooner, but he was just doing this because he saw that in November he'll potentially lose all of his power over the Senate/HOR.

It's the same with all politicians. They'll just sit back in their big comfy chairs in their big (Only sometimes Oval) offices waiting for something to happen that needs their attention. Actually, they'll wait until whatever it is that happened hits the news. If it doesn't hit the news, then the chances of it affecting their relection or the election of their friends or fellow party members is next to nil. But if it does hit the news, that's when they decide to jump on it, and, depending on the situation, either milk it for as many votes for themselves as possible during the next election, or use it as as big of a club as humanly possible to bash their opponents over the head with and knock votes out of them.

It seems that politicians just are too damned lazy to go out and try to work on things without having the threat of not getting relected dangled over their heads. As long as they are in a comfortable position where they can just sit lazily around waiting for the next election, who needs to worry about serving the people, as they were elected to do so?

Of course, you have to understand, I don't think I'd do any better of a job. I don't trust anybody to be granted the power to rule over others and tell them what to do. That's why I'm a minarchist. I vote Libertarian, meself. Government that rules the least rules the best, etc. etc.

I mean, think about it. Wouldn't it be better to actually vote in a politician who says that he's not going to do anything (Well, besides make sure that a lot of other people don't do much, either.) , because he believes that's best for politicians to do, rather than voting in a bunch of jackasses who claim a million and one things during their election campaigns, and can only ever end up doing the one thing?  Not to mention they take the tax money that they say is going to go to the million things and give themselves nice little salaries and yachts and build new shiny government offices when schools are falling apart and poverty and unemployment levels are rising and blagh.

I mean, as I said, I'm a minarchist, so I believe that 99% of what is currently in government hands should be privatized, like schools and all that stuff. But for fuck's sake. Until it GETS privatized, I'd like to see the government at least do a somewhat fucking decent job with it. But no. It's all cronyism and corruption and all that jazz.

Power corrupts, my friends. I will admit that even I, put into a position of power, would end up using it for my own gain rather than serving the people. Hell, Jesus and Ghandi and Mother Theresa probably all would too. So decentralize the power. Give all the power to the people. That way we decentralize the corruption, too. Dilute it to such a nominal amount that you don't even notice it. Couldn't even see it with a microscope. Rather than the way we can see the corruption in Washington D.C. all the way from space right now.

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  1. I am down for anarchy. Let's have a revolution.