Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's try this again, shall we?

(So, I totally already forgot the password to my old blog, so this is 2.0. About five hours later. I know, right?)

Well, I've never really done any of this blogging stuff before, but I finally figured I'll give it a shot after all my friends kept pestering me to do one.

I'm uhh, still not exactly sure what this will be about mostly, but I figured since I like to rant and muse about stuff a lot, I could post a lot of my rants and musings.

For example: Why is it that just because a substance works as a psychoactive, people feel the need to outlaw it? Like, all of these research chemicals, which may or may not be perfectly safe, which simulate the effects of, say, ecstasy, without actually having the same chemical composition of ecstasy. Just because it changes somebody's state of consciousness, the govmint says it's bad and needs to be outlawed.

Looks like we should outlaw yoga classes and meditation classes and Buddhist temples then too, huh, govmint?

As far as I'm concerned, unless somebody is addicted to a consciousness changing substance, or that consciousness changing substance has a high probability (Above .1%) of killing you when you take enough to change your consciousness, people should be allowed to use it as they wish.

Hell, even then, they shouldn't be illegal no matter what. If somebody gets addicted to heroin or meth, that's their problem. If they weren't responsible enough to stay not addicted, it's not the government's job to intervene. Personal responsibility all the way.

I actually think the main reason might be because, when people take consciousness changing substances, it allows them to get a better, more wide view of the world, rather than the narrow one they had before. This leads to extremists and other hardcore members of any ideology realizing that, if people take consciousness changing substances, they might realize that extremists are full of shit, and stop listening to them. So it's basically an attempt by the govmint and politicians to keep us under their ideological thumb.

Well, enough of that. So, here's my blog, people.



  1. people are afriad of what they don't understand and if they dont understand it they will fear it.
    same as everything.

  2. Thinking differently goes against the man's plan, man. It's that simple. Gotta keep everyone in line.

  3. I do hate feeling like a "THE GOVERNMENT IS SUPRESSING US, TAKING AWAY OUR DRUGS AND PUMPING US FULL OF CHEMICALS TO BRING US DOWN" tin-foil hat type, but there is an element of truth to it. Sure, some drugs can physically fuck you up, but there are loads that won't, and are interesting experiences. Sure, moderation is key, but if there are places in the world that trust citizens with guns and not drugs, what the fuck is going on?