Friday, October 8, 2010


Let me say two things before I begin this rant.

1. I was bullied as a child, albeit in a (mostly) non-violent way. So don't say I don't know what these kids are going through.

2. I am not condoning bullying. Bullying is bad.

Anyways, let me begin.

Recently, I've noticed that the news is giving a lot of coverage to bullying, because of what I'm guessing to be gay-bashing in a university setting leading to some suicides.

From what I understand, states, cities, school districts, even the federal government are all looking into "anti-bullying measures".

Fuck that shit.

Unless the bullying escalates to actual physical violence against a student, the kids need to deal with it themselves. I am so fucking sick and tired of the way that this parental generation is raising their kids, with babying the shit out of them and making sure they never get hurt, emotionally or physically, in any way, shape, or form.

Do you idiots realize what you're doing to your kids? You can't be there to protect them forever. Eventually, you're going to die, or they're going to go out to college or the real world or whatever, and all of your protection is going to be for all the worse.

When you baby your child, you keep them from learning valuable lessons. For example, if you take care of bullys for your child all the time, and coddle them and tell them that daddy or mommy will take care of everything, then your child will never learn to stand up for themselves. When they go out into the world, and get a job, and their boss takes advantage of them in some way or another, they'll simply sit there and let themselves be "bullied" since you're not there to protect them.

If you keep your child from going out and having social experiences because you think other kids are a bad influence on your pure, innocent little baby, what do you think is going to happen to them when they get out into the social world, away from your sheltering? They're not going to know how to interact with people, and this is going to cause a torrent of problems for them, from keeping a job to just getting along in life.

If you try to do everything for them, from buying them a car to setting them up in college to finding them a job even, how do you expect them to learn any of those skills for themselves and be able to do those things when you aren't around? You can't raise your children forever, people. You have to let them go at some point. And you best damn well have let them learn how to fly like the momma bird you're fucking supposed to be being by that point.

Anyways, I've tangented and all that good stuff. Basically, let kids be kids, learn what they need to learn so they can be independent adults who can stand on their own two feet.


  1. This rant seems more about over protective parents. I was bullied as a kid (in mostly violent ways). It happens. You'll never be able to stop it completely, but there is a point where someone has to step in. Just letting kids get bullied is being irresponsible (especially when you KNOW it's happening), and is what leads to kids carrying guns for self-defense. Haven't you seen the movie Friday?

  2. I Agree with pretty much everything you said man. Man up people, seriously.

  3. As I said, Paper, when the bullying escalates to physical violence, there needs to be intervention.

  4. But what if our precious little children get hurt?

    yeah i totally fucking agree with you and it pisses me off more than anything. i see these parents babying their kids and want to punch them in the face.

  5. and also parental intervention or the intervantion of an adult shouldnt come in when it escalates to physical violence. Kids need to learn that they are supposed to be able to protect themselves. If intervene every time they will never get a chance to hone their skills and then will be susceptable to mugging and physical intimidation.

  6. I don't think many people realise that bullying has to occur over time (not just once). It has to be a semi-constant thing.